I became what they said i couldnt become

I am what i believed i would be…i always dreamt of having my own business, being a businesd woman and i became it.

I worked hard sacrificed alot, but it was worth everything i put into it.

Most people didnt believe i would become anything. The person i owe it all too is my husband Asif he believed in me when no one else did, he supported my ambitions and backed me everything.

I love him for it and i love him more today than i did the day i married him. When i get totally exhausted he reminds me that im living my dream.

I have an amazing support network around me i call them my cheer leaders they support my business and myself as a business woman.

My other advocates are my parents, my dad is beaming with pride of everything i accomplished and my mom is my biggest supporter, my brothers are amazing and always listen to my business ideas.

On top of all of that they all support my education ambitions,and my future business plans. Asif supports me so much he never complains when i spend hours studying and doing assignments.

One of my childhood dreams was to go to trinity college,it finally came true and Asif paid my tuition fees without hesitation, my dad also offered to pay them along with offering to buy me a new laptop or anything i wanted, bless him dad was just so proud of me.

I had friends in the past who never supported me,anytime i achieved anytime i would have to spend the evening with tears falling from her eyes,i would never get to celebrate.

When you surround yourself with negative jealous people you will never accomplish your dreams.

Some friendships are bad for you,they can crush your self esteem.

So stay positive surround yourself with the right people and fly

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