Best brands for essential oils

Recommended Manufacturers of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

The truth is that as soon as you start doing a research on the best brands for essential oils, you will spontaneously get confused. There are thousands of options on the market and it is absolutely impossible to determine which one to choose. They all seem to be offering the same beneficial qualities, yet you know that it cannot be true. Something just does not add up when you go through a hundred websites then only find out that the only difference among the products is price.
Well, unfortunately that is how marketing works. With this in mind, we have researched comprehensive customer reviews, brand reputation analysis, and a lot of other metrics to determine the top 20 brands for essential oils. Below, you will find the most reliable options and you needn’t look any further than that.
Plant Life Essential Oils

Now, the company is overly known for using old-school prominent blending techniques, relying upon heavy science combined with natural substances. Packed with professional experts in the field of herbology, the company definitely has quite a lot of products to offer. They offer 100% pure essential oils which are designated to bring a lot of benefits.
The company’s mission is to ensure consistent quality and transparence when it comes to customer relationships. Furthermore, every bottle with the Plant Life stamp on it is guaranteed to have no synthetics and parabens as well as GMOs, SLS, and other artificial substances.

Young Living Essential Oils

Being one of the most reliable companies on the market, Young Living has been established all the way back in 1993. They exercise particular and meticulous quality control all the way from the plantation of the seed, the cultivation, the harvesting, and the ultimate distilling. They are also renowned for splendid customer support and tremendous responsiveness.
• Over 20 years worth of professional experience
• Over 86 single essential oils and more than 78 blended ones
• Strict quality control
• Up to now, they are the most expensive player on the market

doTERRA Essential Oils

Founded back in 2008, the company is a relatively young influence on the essential oil market but without a doubt, it is a force to be reckoned with. You are going to be glad to know that each and every bottle is thoroughly subjected to the CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) testing system. You can return the productfor 100% refund if it attests to the confidence they have in their products. 100% natural substances, lack of any kind of synthetics is something that should not even be mentioned.
• Clinical researched high-end products
• No socio-economic boundaries
• $35 membership fee requirement
• They do not grow their own plants

Edens Garden

Unsuspected, this is one of the most popular companies on the market. They managed to establish themselves as a leader in the industry through a particularly successful yet challenging approach. The company would completely re-stock their products with new ones every two weeks. It has been established back in 2009 in San Clemente, CA, and have been dominating the markets ever since. You can get a full refund of your cash within 30 days of purchase if you are not happy with the product’s effect.
• 100% natural products without any chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.
• 100% therapeutic graded products

Native American Nutritionals Oils

The founder of the company, Paul H. Dean, got into the essential oil segment back in 1990. Harboring decades of experience, the company is known for offering competitive and affordable prices, tremendously fast shipping as well as individualized customer service. The seeds and plants for their oils come from small farms which use no chemical contaminants, pollutants, or any other form of synthetics. They are especially pure and also go to marketing approach as well.
• They come with blue tansy
• They care about alternative healing methods
• The bottles are rather tiny and you can’t adjust the number of drops precisely

Rocky Mountain Oils

The oils of this brand are obtained from dedicated small farms which grow their herbs organically. With this in mind, all of the oils delivered by the company are 100% therapeutic-grade. This means that you truly get 100% quality and high-end services. They have over 100 single essential oils and more than 75 blends that you can take advantage of. It is definitely a good idea to check them out if this is what you are looking for.
• The oils come from organic farms, ensuring 100% high-quality and dense purity
• You have 90-day money back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

The company’s policy is that all the healing power of this traditional and alternative healing method lies within the essential oil. They are a family-owned company which is dedicated to providing 100% pure oils of the highest industry quality and are undiluted. Furthermore, they are able to source their high-end oils throughout the entire world. The company has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a wide range of choices.
• They have rebottling options
• Offer assistance with aroma therapy
• Provides perfect customer service
• They don’t have their own oils because they don’t grow herbs in farms

Aura Cacia Essential Oils

Aura Cacia is a company which is known for handpicking the best leaves and seeds for the production of their high-end essential oils. You have to rest assured that the company delivers high quality products with no exception. Harboring over 20 years of experience, they are a leader on the market since 1993. Plus, they are known for delivering premium blends exceptional customer service as well as amazing quality.
• Over 89 single essences and over 21 blends
• They do not rebottle the products they offer
• Highly accessible in a variety of stores

Now Foods Essential Oils

This isa company with long-lasting traditions in the market. Establishing themselves as leaders since 1948 in the foods and supplement business, they already offer citrus based essential oils designated for the wide public. Their oils are cold pressed and steam distilled, when it comes to the essentials. The company is known for maintaining perfect relationships with all of its growers in order to preservethe control on the soil as it has a direct reflection on the product. They use extremely advanced control testing solutions and analyzing implementations which allows them to execute meticulous monitoring.

Mountain rose Herbs

Ever since 1987, the company has been steadily improving its presence on the market place. They have built their brand around two cornerstones: certified and organic products. Each product is lab-tested for guaranteed results and satisfying individual customer preferences. Besides, they provide therapeutic-grade essential oils. However, they are a bulk supplier and if you want smaller quantities you would have to look for them up on Amazon.
• Affordable price tags
• They are 100% natural and organic
• Quick deliveries and 24/7 online shop
• They do rebottling
• They are not a manufacturer.
• They only ship to the US
Healing Solutions Essential Oils

When it comes to Healing Solutions Company, the quality is the first and foremost priority. They are designated to provide their customers with various essential oils, both single essences and beneficial blends. Compared to other companies, they have particularly affordable prices, which makes them incredibly accessible to the wide audiences. Furthermore, they use MLM schemes to enhance their presence on the market and strengthen their positions
• High quality products at affordable rates
• Can’t determine whether their products are therapeutic-grade
Fabulous Frannie Essential Oils
Fabulous Frannie is another reliable provider with a huge emphasis on ethics. They deliver expensive, 100% natural products which use absolutely no adulterations. Furthermore, they are the distributors who can independently test essential oils and determine whether the MSDS authentication is present. They provide comprehensive and exquisite customer support and service. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with their product, you can have a 7-day money back guarantee provided.
• They have options for rebottling
• They don’t have their own blend
Kis Oils
Kis Oils are a reputable company which manages to provide their customers with both single aromas and blends. Furthermore, they also have sample packs that you can try out with your friends. The oils delivered by the company are known for going great with a wide range of different herbs such as cedarwood, eucalyptus, lemon, lime, pine, rosemary, and many more.
• The company is particularly reliable and they offer the products to their customers avoiding all sorts of MLM marketing schemes for transparency and comprehension
• They have a fairly reasonable price range
• They don’t have farms and distilation facilities
Plant Guru
Plant Guru is a renowned company with an aim to produce and deliver 100% pure therapeutic oils without implementing any kind of multi levelsof marketing schemes. This is why their oils are rather affordable with good quality.
Clearly, their oils are produced in respectable and particularly effective organic farms. They adhere to all of the regulations and deliver products. It has a 30-day money back guarantee in the event you are not satisfied with the quality.
• Really great price tags
• Prompt and quick delivery
• Great for headaches
• Strong fragrances and substances
• A little thinner but it delivers the same positive qualities as thicker oils
Art Natruals
With years of experience, Art Naturals is a locally established business in Los Angeles and they are known for permanent strive for improvement. They deliver high quality essential oils which are carefully produced, packed, and shipped. They also feature a full ingredient list right there on the labels so you can account for any substance. 100% money back guarantee is there to make sure that the company secures full satisfaction with the products they have to offer.
• The set of eight different oils is perfect for gifts
• They use particularly effective substance blends
• They offer tremendous value for the money
• Packaging might need separators so that the oil bottles do not touch
Majestic Pure
This is another USA based company which is designated to offer therapeutic grade essential oils which are 100% pure and free of any synthetics, chemicals, and GMOs or pesticides. Their products are known for their anti-wrinkle capacities as well as rejuvenating and invigorating effect. Carefully, they have quite a lot of different applications but you might want to avoid using them while pregnant. Actually, they are an online-store and also have a customer satisfaction guarantee.
Radha Beauty Essential Oils
The company was recently founded in Singapore in 2014 but it managed to come a long way for the short period of activities. The products that they deliver are cruelty-free, organic and 100% natural. Besides, the company’s policy is strictly against using all sorts of herbicides and other synthetic products. It is known for delivering high-price essential oils which are perfect for quite a few different applications. Moreover, Radha Beauty is definitely taking advantage of the region’s rich habitat, especially when it comes to herbs.
Prime Natural Essential Oils
This is a highly distinguished company which is established in Beaverton, Oregon. The company bears the name Prime Cosmetics LLC and is marketed as 100% pure botanical oil supplier, only using natural products. They import the products from the entire world and provide an array of different essential oils at an affordable rate. The company is known for paying close attention to the preferences of its customers and it delivers customer support.
• The quality is definitely above the average
• Products are priced at affordable rates
• The smell might be too strong for some people
ArOmis Essential Oils
ArOmis Essential Oils is a company that sells a 6-bottle essential oils kit on Amazon. You can also purchase the bottles separately. They use 100% pure and premium plants to ensure therapeutic grade essential oils. The kit includes a few different essences such as lavender, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass as well as sweet orange. It is definitely a must-have starter kit.
Butterfly Express
Once again, this is a prominent company which offers 100% natural essential oils without the tiniest amount of chemicals or artificial substances in it. Furthermore, they have over 80 synergistic blends and over 100 different single essences which are particularly available for different therapeutic benefits.
You can rest assured that the company is confident in what it has to offer as it provides a money-back guarantee. The company is known for bottles of essential oils which are certainly going to be beneficial.
I personally love this company’s products and you see me in the course using their materials, they are one of the original essential oil producing companies in the West and actually brought modern aromatherapy back to the West in the 1950’s, their website is full of useful information.
As you can see, there are plenty of wonderful options on the market. All of the companies are double-checked and tested.

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