6am start today im wearing my new gap dress that my friend Anne gave me as a gift i love it. I’ll pop up a pic of it later.

I locked myself out of my trinity account so i have to ring a help line today to hopefully reset my password.

Im feeling really good today, i think its because im caught up with all my college work and im ahead on my assignments probably for the first time in my life im giving everything 100%.

Im finding everything im learning fascinating, the power of essential oil is amazing all the ailments it heals. I made Asif a face cream for dry skin and i made myself an anti wrinkle cream it feels amazing and smells delicious.

Im finding the massage therapy a lot harder trying to learn all the bones and muscles in the back,the names are hard enough to pronounce let alone learn what they all do. I will get there in the end I’ll just have to spend more time trying and studying.

As for trinity college im absolutely loving it,its all i dreamed off and more. Turns out im quite innovative and i love business. We were given the pasta challenge the other day and my team won

Its day 2 of ramadan and Asif is fasting,he started work at 4am and will finish at 6pm and its onto training straight away he wont get home until about 10pm this worries me especially since he cant have any water while he fasts. It makes me worry about his health but i cant say anything because he loves cricket. All i can do is hope and pray he will be ok.

After work tonight im going out with dad and my brothers im looking forward to it. I think mom and me will have a cheeky chinese tonight.

Hope you all have a great day xxx

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