Feeling proud

I did it yesterday i completely caught up on my crystal healing course, my face creams are done ive done one specially for dry skin and an anti wrinkle one. Im actually quite proud of my self.

I finished my strategic marketing plan and I’m feeling revealed that its done. All my clothes are washed and dried too.

All i have to do today is my case study for my massage therapy course and im 100% caught up.

Its always a relief when you have everything done. Im so very proud of myself.

Today im going to tidy my bedroom, iron my clothes for the week, get everything ready for college.

Then im planning a nice relaxing afternoon of movies and doing my nails. Then i will do somemore studying

As far as i know ramadan is starting today so Asif will be fasting, i admire his belief in his religion and it makes me love him more.

On a happy note his team won yesterday and he went out to celebrate with his friends

Im back to work tomorrow and im looking forward to it, i love my job and after work im going out to celebrate everything ive accomplished so far with my father,mother and 2 brothers.

I wont stay out late because ive college Wednesday morning and i need a fresh head for that.

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  1. gillian king says:

    Good luck with ur studies

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