How i spend my day off

Asif is gone to his match today, its lovely to see the excitement in him getting ready for his match. I sometimes worry about him playing, incase he gets injured but I’d never say anything because he loves it so much

So while he is off playing his match i have the day to myself, im in bed watching Pretty Little Liars im addicted to it. Ive loads to do today and ive all day to do it.

My plan is to relax for a couple of hours, then do my tan and deep condition my hair. Im still addicted to the tan out of 10 tan, im also going to do a facial and a face mask.

Then get to work im going to finish my marketing strategy, then do up sample face creams. If i have time ill do my case study if not im off tomorrow so i can focus on it tomorrow.

As part of my marketing strategy im planning on doing a rap for there advertising i started it all ready so im going to finish it tomorrow.

Obviously i have clothes to wash, dinner to cook, house to tidy but i can do it all if i prioritise my time correctly.

By the time college is finished i will be exhausted. I still have to catch up on my aromatherapy studies and crystal healing course. I have to do that today and tomorrow or else i will massively fall behind and wont be able to catch up.

For those of you that dont know im studying several different courses in different colleges heres the list.

  1. Business innovation and enterprise level 9
  2. Aromatheraphy level 3 ( im working towards my diploma)
  3. Diploma in massage therapy
  4. Crystal healing practitioner

Im hoping to finish and qualify in them all around the same time. Then all i need to do is do a professional aromatherapy course but i need to qualify in massage therapy first to do that course .

Im excited for the future and all that it brings. My hard work is bound to pay off and i cant wait for it all

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