Crazy busy

This week has been crazy busy with college and work,im exhausted….This morning i met my dad and he put his arm around me and said im really proud of you. My father doesnt say that alot so i know he meant it. He doesnt need to say it because i know he is proud of me but it was lovely to hear.

Everyone in my class are ‘go getters’ they are all hungry for success, working full time, studying,attending college. Real busy beavers.

I was telling my brother and sister and my sister turned around and said ” vic ur a go getter too, u work like crazy, ur going to 3 different colleges ” it shocked me. I was so busy at looking how hard they were all working i forgot to look at myself.

College was crazy this week, i have to do a marketing strategy for trinity,ive to do a case study for my massage therapy course, and make sample face creams for my aromatherapy course.

Today we were really busy in the shop,sometimes i cant believe how lucky i am to do what i love for a living.

After work asif and i went for a lovely walk,on our way back we grabbed a Indian takeaway for dinner.

Im in bed now watching Gossip Girls . Asif has a cricket match tomorrow.

I was going through old pictures and i found these beautiful ones of my parents wedding day

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