Even when i loose im winning

Im a big believer that failure is the pathway to success, fail is an equal opportunity it doesnt matter if your white or black, rich or poor,educated or uneducated,male or female …failure happens to us all.

Ive failed a lot in my life both personally and career wise but i chose to fail with grace.

Im a firm believer that once you tried it means you already won, it doesnt matter how it goes. It takes courage to try something,it takes passion to sacrifice and they are characteristics of a winner.

Failure hurts of course it does,regardless of how you look at it,your allowed to cry, ur allowed to be angry i always say let the emotions out then start again.

Thats how i live my life. My past is full of failures and success its shaped me into the person i am today and im proud of both.

Please remember that once you try your hardest you have already won. We only have 1 life yolo, so dont let failure stop you from trying again and dont let the fear of failing make you never try to begin with.

Set a goal, try your best and you might surprise yourself and hit the jackpot.

Im on my way to galway now we have to do a stock take for 3 different stores. Hope you all have a great day

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