Mental health day

I really have been over doing it,yesterday i spent the whole day feeling drained. I always seem to do this to myself i work crazy all week,then ive college, studying and assignments. I always forget the most important thing is self care, to take some time out and just relax.

I woke up this morning with a killer headache, my whole head is pounding so im still in bed watch Netflix and just relaxing.

Well that was my plan but i done my tan, my nails are newly manicured and the kitchen is tidied. See this is my major problem i have difficulty doing nothing as i lay in bed my mind is filled with everything i have to do. But im in bed now relaxing and my mind is filled with all the thoughts of study i need to do.

I think us women always put ourselves under so much pressure, trying to be the perfect mothers,perfect wife’s, perfect friends, we try to run a perfect home,score straight A”s in college, to top it all off were trying to have golden tans, manicured hands with the perfect clothes and dont even get me started on the hair.

Nobody makes us do this, no body puts this pressure on us, we do this to ourselves. My husband is happy and if i just gave him koka noodles for dinner he wouldn’t say a word, but i need to make home made fresh curries,i need to make him lunches for work i do it so i know he is well fed and healthy.

So today/this afternoon im just chilling and minding myself

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