Man of the match

Asif was playing a match yesterday, his passion is cricket and im so happy that he gets to play. Yesterday they were playing against galway and his team won. Asif was man of the match with the most runs.

To say i am proud is an understatement im bursting with pride and to see the happiness beaming from him brings me so much joy.

On his way home he had a blow out,thank god he was driving slow and no one was hurt. To celebrate his win and achievement we treated ourselves to a take away pizza.

Afterwards i got to practice my massage techniques with essential oil specifically mixed for muscle pain , I’ll know when he wakes up if it worked.

I have the whole house cleaned since yesterday all my laundry washed and dried. I spent the night watching pretty little liars,i dont know why i havent watched it before,its addictive.

I have a tonne of studying to do today, ive nothing else to do today except study study study.

Hope you all have a great day xxx

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