The future

As most of you know im studying aromatherapy and truly enjoying it. I want to bring out my own Skin care range maybe even run workshops in perfume making, i could teach in colleges part time,the possibilities are endless.

But in order to achieve all that i need to get my diploma by doing all 4 levels which im half way through, then do a professional qualification in aromatherapy but to do that i have to qualify as a massage therapist first.

Last night i lay awake for hours contemplating what to do,the massage therapy course has an awful lot involved. Im currently doing a level 9 with trinity which is amazing but exhausting, im about to start level 3 in my aromatherapy,to top it all off im running my own business, and working another part time job so im a busy beaver.

The prospectus is amazing and i think i will regret it if i dont do it.

So i signed up today, asif paid my fees for an easter present so im officially enrolled. The next few months will be crazy but so worth it. Im super excited about my future. To celebrate my brother joseph and i are going for a cheeky chinese and then we are meeting mom and dad for a drink to celebrate

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