Jealous much 🤐🤐

Continuing on from yesterday and the friendly insult i recieved lol when i arrived at the store three people asked me of id been away on holidays, and my manager asked me if id been on the sun beds i laughed and told him about how bad my tan looked, he looked me square in d eye and said shes just jealous ur tan looks natural.

I know she is jealous and she hoped the comment would knock me but it had the opposite effect it made me laugh and i spent the whole day slagging with my colleagues over my donald trump tan lol

Its 2am and were on our way back to limerick, im not tired at all. Ive an exciting day ahead im in college today and i cant wait i love it so much, im also going out for dinner with Asif later for a date im really looking forward to it.

The sun is meant to be shining today so fingers crossed it is.

Hope you all have a great day xxx

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