The friendly insult

So today im working in dublin, we normally meet at brown thomas where a van comes to pick us up.

Today i was waiting and one of tge girls came along i shouted hi and smiled. Instead of getting a hi in return.

She looks right at me and says ” please dont wear fake tan anymore, it doesn’t suit you” i smiled at her and said thanks but i like it. She went on to say how fake tan is horrible and people shouldn’t wear it. Obviously this is a girl who doesnt like cosmetics, she doesnt wear make up, fake tan, trendy clothes, she doesnt paint her nails. She isnt the girly type as for me i love everything girly and always have.

I know its just her opinion, i cant say if her intention was to hurt me but if it was it didnt work.

The whole world has opinions on your clothes,make up, job,family,husband,college choices and i say to hell with other peoples opinions. Once im happy and not hurting anyone then thats all that matters .

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