All my chores are done and dusted, my tan turned out perfect. Asif is gone to cricket practice, he plays for munster and it is a massive passion of his. I love to see him happy and passionate about it.

I believe for a successful happy marriage, you both need to have passions of your own, obviously asif passion is cricket and mine is my shop.

We both support each others passions and encourage each other to do wat we love.

So ive dinner cooking for asif so when he comes home he can sit down and relax.

Ive a busy week ahead so im in bed watching ” A current affair Australia”

Asif and i spend alot of time together. Every evening we have a candle lit dinner at home followed by tea and biscuits. We chat about our day and any news we have.

We have a date night once a week and enjoy each others company. Then twice a week we go for a really long walk we normally stop for ice cream on the walk.

Communication is so important in any relationship especially a marriage. I married my best friend, my soul mate and i love him with all my heart. But love isnt enough in any marriage, friendship and communication is so important.

Asif supports me in all my ambitions and i have a lot of them. He believes in me and encourages me and for that i will always be eternally greatful.

Laughter is so important in marriage and we laugh alot, Asif is so funny and to b honest im quite funny too.

Always remember every marriage goes through rough patches, but laughter,communication and friendship will get you through the hard times

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  1. Mel obrien says:

    Love ur blog

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  2. peter kelly says:

    Ur lucky to have found your soul mate

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    1. I know im so lucky but i do believe der is someone out der for everyone

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