Busy Monday

Today im putting my new found skills into action i am going to try build my own website for the shop, i wont publish it today but i will definitely get it nearly ready to go live.

As im off today im hoping to cook Asif a lovely dinner as its his first day back to work after his holidays.

Im topping up my tan today, i done it last night but i like it a bit darker so im doing it again today and I’m still saying this new tan i got is the best ive ever used. It goes on nicely and its easy to apply. It washes off perfectly and lasts all week. But the best thing about this tan is that it doesnt come of patchy it fades away eveningly like a natural tan. It doesnt have an orange tinge to it. God it really is tan out of 10.

I done my nails last night so i dont have to worry about it today. But i do have to sort my clothes out for the week. If i dont have my clothes organised in outfits for the whole week i go around looking mismatched cause at 6am in the morning my brain doesnt function.

I really need to study today and prepare myself for college on wednesday.

So im off now to try get everything done.

Hope you all have a busy happy day xx

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  1. Jayden James says:

    Do u ever just chill

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I sure do but its mostly just watching movies and eating popcorn


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