House hunting

Today we went house hunting omg its so hard we found a house that was perfect, the location was perfect,the back garden was massive, the house was quant i loved it and could see the potential it had, Asif said he liked it but his facial expression said different he put an offer in and i was so excited thinking of the big move until my father pulled me aside and said “Asif is only buying that house for you” it was then it hit me he was only buying it for me. It brought me right back to a few years ago when asif bought a mobile home for me pretending he wanted it too. Its hard because i know he loves me but i dont want him to put himself into financial difficulty with another mortgage.

We already have 1 home and an investment property, along with the mobile home so we dont really need a 3rd one.

After a long chat we decided to retract our offer, get our home valued and sell it to buy a home in the city that way we would end up with no mortgage, and still have savings left.

As a compromise asif promised in our new home i can have 1 room for myself a nail room/ aromatherapy room. We will take our time and buy the right house.

We went out for lunch today and had a delicious chinese it was my treat and we grabbed a takeaway for mom on our way back.

With college and work all week im absolutely exhausted today. We were quite in work today so i finished early im in bed now hoping to sleep for a few hours before dinner.

I have a killer headache, i know i should use my essential oils to ease the pain but im too tired so im hoping sleep will work

Hope you all have a gr8 day

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