Spring is in the air

Today before work i went plant shopping witg my bestie im not normally a garden person, but i thought since i had an hour spare before work i may as well grab a coffee to go and stroll through the gardening centre.

My bestie christina bought lots of different plants and we chatted about how opposite we are and caught up on all the gossip were both crazy busy and as we shopped we discussed our future business plans.

I went to open the shop we had a delivery in today i unpacked it and put it all away. As we have so much in the shop every week i dust and polish everything and hoover every nook and cranny. We were busy enough today i love my customers and chatting to them all. I also had to ring around estate agents, we are trying to find a house in the city so i want to book appointments to view some.

When i closed the shop i ran to the shops to pick up lunch for tomorrow.

When i got home i fed my fur baby, and started cooking dinner we had curry with naan bread and a side salad washed down with juice.

I put a load into the washing machine, done the dishes (washed, dried and put away). I made tea for us both with buns and we chatted to each other.

Then i got everything ready for tomorrow ive college all day ( trinity college).

Its after 9pm im writing my blog and then i have a couple of hours of study to do. Im exhausted all ready but it will be all worth it in the end (i hope)

Hope you all had a great day

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