Running around

I was off work yesterday so i caught up on my college work. This week we are carrying on with our prototypes and also looking at empathy interviewing im really looking forward to it.

I cooked chicken karahi for Asif lunch, hes on holidays this week. Chicken karahi is the easiest curry to make as he is asian he loves chicken on the bone so thats how i make it for him

After lunch we chatted for a while and decided to take a trip into the city. We are hoping to move into the city permanently but we are both way to busy to look properly so today we hit the town going to all the estate agents.

We found a property we both liked its a three bedroom with a massive back garden. We are hoping to view it this friday. Its perfect for us a 5 min walk to the city centre.

We did a bit of shopping asif bought himself new boots and i bought chocolate, lip gloss and two new lipsticks.

Then we went for a cheeky chinese it was delicious we always go to the same place the Wokking

When we got home i was exhausted so i went to bed, i watched Dr. PHIL (mother knows best) story of munchausen by proxy the Gypsy Rose story. Its a very sad story and Hulu have a movie of it out, i havent seen it but i imagine its good.

Last night i was too tired to do my hair so im up now half an hour earlier to wash and dry my hair.

Hope you all have a great day x

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