I started

Good morning

So i started in Trinity college last week and it was everything i thought it would be, the lecturers are amazing probably the best ive ever seen.

The classes were fun, the group work was my favourite part

We were doing motivation and branding. It was extremely informative and i learned a lot.

The class is quite a mixture of people from politicians, to lecturers to environmentalists ,i got on well with everyone but i felt a bit out of place.

I know i got the place on my own merit because of my education, because of my business and my ambition to bring out my skin care line, but on that first day i felt i didn’t belong.

I felt like a misfit, everyone else was more educated than me and a lot more successful.

By day to i felt more at ease, my bsckground enabled me to answer questions at ease and to gel well with everyone else.

By the end of the week i felt that i deserved my place in this college as much as everyone else and i was picked from thousands of applicants.

Im looking forward to what this week brings.

On another note its my moms birthday today, shes gone off antique shopping im so jealous wish i was with her but the shop has to be opened so ill be here all day unpacking deliveries and displaying everything.

Hope you all have a wonderful day xxx

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