Girls day out

Yesterday was mothers day and my sister inlaws birthday so i went to moms for lunch, then i met the girls for shopping, food and gossip to celebrate rachels birthday.

We had a great afternoon, i mainly bought beauty products, fake tan, eyelashes, nails and make up.

The girls decided to get piercings, sharleen got her cartridge pierced and rachel got her lobes pierced so she would have 2 piercings on her lobes.

We were all dressed up casual but stylish we grabbed asian/thai food.

As we sat chatting over food it hit me rachel is a full time student and runs her own jewellery company, she is a designer, sharleen works for the brothers of charity and she is planning her wedding, as u all know im self employed, part time student in two different colleges, and also work part time as an auditor.

We are all so busy in reality abnormally busy, we barely have time off yet we showed up yesterday with our tans done, nails done, dressed to the nines.

We chatted about our lives, struggling to be perfect, making dinners, looking after our careers, trying to keep our husbands/ partners happy, keeping the home clean all whilst we are exhausted.

Since we are all so tired but none of us looked it, we were sharing our beauty hacks. For me moisturizing is important, fake tan gives you an extra glow, i deep condition my hair twice a week, i use kale face mask three times a week, shellac on my nails so they last without chipping and i use cucumber on my eyes but when all that fails rub ice along your face that definitely gives you an instant awake look.

As for clothes in a sunday i get my outfits ready for the whole week so no matter what i look and dress well regardless how tired i am.

The girls basically do the same as me obviously it works because none of us looked exhausted.

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