Beauty in an instant

When i dont have time to tan i use an instant wash off tan, Rimmel London is perfect and the price is cheap. As for bronzing powder i use triple baked bronzer its only €1.50 in dealz

I am a nail technician but i dont always have time to do my nails so my go to nails are from the PS range in penneys aka Primark and are only €1.50 and last about a week and only take 2 mins to do.

As for eyelashes alot of people say they are extremely hard to apply, i find the only glue to use is the Duo glue it costs about €6 but worth every cent, i use flutter eyelashes from penneys/primark when im going out, for every day lashes i use ones i buy on line @aliexpress for 25c which is amazing value

Below is a pic of the amazingly cheap eyelashes from aliexpress the only problem with these lashes is it takes up to 4 weeks for delivery

As you can see i dont spend alot of money on beauty products, i make my own skincare range so i use my own branded moisturiser and teeth whitening products

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