Aromatherapy hand massage techniques

Aromatherapy Hand Massage Technique Movements

The Aromatherapy Hand massage technique is comprised of five different movements. These five movements are used to establish relaxation and improved absorption of the oil.
To complete the entire hand technique, it takes between 5-10 minutes which amounts to 2-5 minutes for each hand. While the hand massage is quick and simple, it is enormously relaxing as we hold so much tension in the muscles of our hands.
The five movements you will learn to complete a hand massage are explained and demonstrated in this section.

Step 1 Oil Introduction and Step 2 Dorsum Tissue Stretch
The first step of the aromatherapy hand technique is the oil introduction, take one hand of the recipient palm up and Put 2 drops of essential oil and 10 drops of carrier oil onto the recipients palm and spread the oil across the palm side of the hand, turn the recipients hand over and while holding both sides of the hand stretch the tissue at the top of the hand by moving your thumbs from the centre to the outer edge

Step 3 Regional Tissue Pull
Turn the recipients hand over again so that the palm is facing up and begin the 3 region thumb circles, starting in region 1 move your thumbs in small circles while applying medium pressure, continue to work the entire surface area of regions 2 and 3

Step 4 Pinpoint Zone Activation
Next begin the 5-zone thumb walk, begin at the base of the thumb by the wrist and walk up the length of the thumb using mild pressure with your thumbs, perform this movement 3 times on each finger before moving to the next. Repeat with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and finally the little finger
Step 5 the Inter-phalangeal pull
To perform the inter-phalangeal pull, use your thumb and fore-finger to pull the soft tissue in between the thumb and fore finger away from the wrist, perform this movement 3 times between each finger before moving onto the next as demonstrated, repeat each step of the hand technique on the other hand

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