New venture

Its official i have the flu, i have it over a week now and i seem to be getting sicker and sicker. I know i havent given my body a chance to heal with working around the clock, blogging and college.

So ive taken a day off for rest and relaxation. Its a day in bed with loads of medication, chick flicks and soup.

Ive the house to my self so its lovely and quite, the kids are at school and asif’s at work.

My friend and i are starting up a mini company, she is a designer and shes teaching me how to design. We spent a few hours brain storming and christina and i have finally agreed on certain ideas, as we are both crazy busy it will only be a mini company i will sell some of the clothing in my store and we will then set up an online business in the future.

We are super excited and fashion is something we both love. Below is a sample of what we will be doing as a first attempt its not bad. We will also be bringing out a line of denim, hair accessories and a whole collection of tee shirts and vests

I know the tee shirt is not perfect but we are loving the sample we created.

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