What are crystals

What are Crystals
On a scientific level crystals are solid structures which have patterned, geometric formations
of atoms. They form in a variety of different ways; most commonly in rock close to or part of
the Earth’s surface, in the deeper the layers of the Earth’s crust as well as through volcanic
activity. They are also found in ice, snow or sea glaciers and there are even living organisms
that are able to produce crystals.
We use crystals in our everyday life and objects- perhaps without even realising it. One of
the most famous- quartz is used in watches as it generates a small electric current when it is
rubbed or squeezed. We also know that crystals are able to receive radio frequencies.
On a spiritual level crystals are understood and respected as alive and as light technology
that has solidified into matter. If you are already a crystal lover, you will know that they come
in a huge multitude of colours often corresponding with the healing properties or chakra that
they are associated with.
Crystals are vital to our evolution as a planet as they sustain and anchor the crystalline grid
of the Earth (also known as the Global Grid Matrix), working with the several huge master
crystals in our Earth’s core. This creates an amazing crystal grid which surrounds the Earth
and connects us interdimensionally to other realms. The crystals in the core are constantly
being infused with light, planetary frequencies and technology from the stellar grid and from
other realms in order to sustain and ‘upgrade’ the frequency of our planet. As we are all
connected to the Earth through our own electromagnetic grid this filters in to the
consciousness of humanity to support us in our personal growth.

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  1. Great post, so interesting x


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