9 crystal healing

Crystals You Will Need For Your 9 Crystal Healings

You will need different crystals for 8 of the 9 healing techniques that you are about to learn, the good thing is that some of them can be used for several of them. Sooo get your pen and paper out and write your next shopping list.

White light procedure (you will be connecting with the crystal light grid of the earth)

Energy Unblocker – 1 x smokey quartz, 1 x clear quartz, 1 x turquoise, 1 x lapis lazuli

Body and Mind Balancer – 1 x clear quartz, 1 x rose quartz 1 x smokey quartz

Chakra Balancer – 1 x black coloured stone, 1 x red coloured stone, 1 x orange coloured stone, 1 x yellow coloured stone, 1 x green coloured stone, 1 x blue coloured stone, 1 x purple coloured stone, 1 x violet or clear crystal

Seal of Solomon– 6 x clear quartz crystal points

Infinity – 8 x smokey quartz crystals or 8 x black tourmaline crystals

Stress Buster – 1 x lapis lazuli, 4 x small fluorite crystals

Spirit Lifter – 6 x citrine crystals

Reconnector – 1 x black tourmaline, 2 x green tourmalines, 1 x blue tourmaline, 1 x pink tourmaline

Happy Shopping !!!

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