Crystal kit and treatment list

I didnt get a chance to blog yesterday i had a fever swollen glands and i was double jobing it too. So i was up early studying this morning i have my exams tomorrow so here it is some of my notes i took

Basic Ailment Crystal Kit and Treatment List

For every crystal practitioner it is a great idea to have a home kit for basic ailments, a bit like having a first aid box, except yours will be filled with crystals, keep the ailment list with the recommended crystals in your kit. As you gain more knowledge you might like to add to this list.

Problem Area Recommended crystals (use 1 or 2)

Head and eyes azurite, amethyst, fluorite, sugilite, diamond

Ears, nose, throat amazonite, aquamarine, angelite, blue lace agate, celestite

Chest and lungs moss agate, chrysocolla, larimar, turquoise

Heart ruby aventurine, dioptase, emerald, labradorite

Digestion bronzite, citrine, pyrite, zircon

Large intestine, kidneys obsidian, peridot, jade

Reproductive organs silver, carnelian, moonstone, opal

Circulation haematite, iron quartz, bloodstone, sandstone

Nervous System citrine, silver, gold, sapphire

Immune System turquoise, aquamarine, larimar, clear quartz,

Bones and muscles flint, black tourmaline, apatite, tourmaline quartz

Booting physical energy jet, smokey quartz, limonite, tigers eye, garnet

Enlivening the mind meteorite, tektite, petrified wood, moldavite

Quietening the mind calcite, chrysoprase

Reducing stress onyx, aragonite, copper, malachite

Stabilising the emotions sunstone, topaz, kyanite, marble, clear quartz, rhodonite

Where to place them?

You can use the crystals in various ways, once you have divined which crystal(crystals) you need to work with you can then decide how you are going to use them. To work with a crystal, you can

  • Put it on a part of the body that the ailment relates to i.e. to quieten the mind you might place the stone on your forehead and lie down.
  • You can carry the crystal in your pocket or wear it round your neck.
  • You can go to sleep with it under your pillow or on the bedside table.

Working with the crystal in any of these three ways is as effective, as the electromagnetic light field of the crystal will interact with yours.

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