I did it

Its official i got accepted into Trinity college, i just cant believe it, it seems so surreal. My childhood dream is finally coming true.

We didnt get to go out and celebrate because we have the boys and they certainly keep you entertained and grounded. I got home from work at 6 fed my fur baby cooked dinner for the boys and my hubby. We all ate together and then it was homework time.

We then made posters for the gym they want to open we coloured and glued the papers.

Bedtime is the hardest especially since they are with us due to abuse,they get so scared and i worry about them.

They are playing in bed while im writing this.

Then i have to hit the books ive exams this week and its vital i pass them.

Litterally if i can do it anyone can i work 2 jobs, im looking after 2 boys, going to college, have a home to run and all that goes with that, running a business, writing a blog and now going to trinity college too.

Im exhausted and my day begins at 4.30am but its worth it all

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  1. Congratulations that’s incredible!

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    1. Thank you so much im ecstatic over it

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