24 hours

Tiredness is an understatement, ive worked 56 hours this week so far and ive another 18 to go until my day off.

74 hours this week…thats not including college and studying. I could fall asleep standing up.

They say hard work pays off i hope its true. Asif and myself are going out this weekend to celebrate me passing level 2 and him getting his fork lift licence. When i get up im going to do a bit of retail therapy before work, treat myself to something nice.

Two more days work and i will be off this weekend is st.patricks weekend.

On sunday we will go to the parade as we always do, have a nice dinner we will probably go out for dinner. I hope the weather is nice.

I should be home from work at 3am so and i dont have to be in work until 10am so its a bit more sleep than last night.

I have to meet my solicitor at some stage tomorrow, so ill probably do it on my lunch break.

I cant wait to go home tomorrow night, when your on the road you would give anything to be at home, when you spend a lot of time staying in hotels, you would give anything to sleep on your own bed.

I know im lucky, i have a job, i get to see some of the most beautiful parts of ireland, the job is the easiest job ive ever had, but sometimes i just want to go home.

I sometimes wish i had more hours in the day, its like 24 hours arent enough for me, just wish i could fit more into my day.

The good news is ive had several people comment on my teeth, so my teeth whitner is working, which makes me so very proud, my own brand is working so it will be definitely marketable

Its made out of all natural products, no chemicals are bleach so im happy out with my sparkly whites.

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