Essential oils and pets

So ive been studying essential oils and pets and i love it.

Pets and Essential

OilsEssential oils and pets

• Cats and dogs have an enhanced sense of smell, so using diffusers could become
• Cats’ livers cannot metabolize some of the compounds in essential oils. Therefore,
they may be more susceptible to toxicity.
• Clients should keep oils stored away from pets.
• If a pet accidentally ingests essential oils, clients should call their veterinary office or
the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Centre/ RSPCA in the UK.
• Animals react and absorb the oils differently than humans do. Any oils being used on
or around animals should be diluted by water or a carrier oil.
• Some products are not made from pure oils; look for additional ingredients that
could be detrimental to pets.
• Some oils could cause chemical burns if applied directly to the skin.
• Adverse reactions to oils include squinting, excessive drooling, scratching, increased
breathing rate and lethargy.

.What are the Worst Essential Oils for Pets?

Did you know that dogs have over 220 million smell receptors and that cats have 45 to 80
million? In comparison, humans have about 5 million receptors.
Never buy low-grade essential oils for your pets
You should always use high-quality, 100% pure essential oils to make sure you know exactly
what ingredients you are putting into the air around you.
Avoid citrus essential oils if you’re a cat lover
Here is a list of essential oils to leave out of your home if you live with cats:
• Citrus
• Grapefruit

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