Shattered glass….When a marriage breaks down

Our friend has been living with us for nearly a year now after the breakdown of his marriage. Its been devastating to watch, he dearly loves his wife, and his 3 beautiful kids, he was left a broken man. I know there are 2 sides to every story and that his and her stories will be complete opposites. I know for a fact that der children love both der mom and dad, and i know that those kids have been thrown into the middle by both parents.

My friend Mr. M tried everything to get his wife back, but she just didnt love him anymore, my opinion is he spent so long focusing on his career working 18 hours a day, that it got to the stage she didnt know him any more.

In the last few months mr.m has gotten alot stronger and came to terms that she doesnt want him any more. He decided he wanted to go back home with all his family, but she refused. They are all citizens of pakistan and had once dreamed of becoming citizens of ireland.

Twice ireland had issued them deportation papers and they were appealing it in court.

Yesterday immigration officers showed up at his wifes house and arrested her, she is now detained until Thursday when they will start the deportation process.

M was spoken to and released, the kids were left in his care until thursday when they must show themselves to immigration.

The problem is der daughter is 14 a teenager, she is excelling in school and has lived in europe since she was 9 she doesnt want to go back to pakistan. She has no family in ireland, and i felt for this girl how hard it would be, the adjustment it would take, would the upheaval damage her? I really dont know but at the same time i feel she is at a very critical age in her life.

I havent spoken to M yet let alone my husband but im thinking we should offer to sponsor her, let her stay with us.

Hell i dont have kids, dont really have a clue how to raise them, my husband mighten even agree. But thursday is fast approaching, i dont even know how it would work legally.

I think if she is happy to stay and both parents agree then we should step up to the plate and look after this young girl

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