Feeling accomplished ğŸ˜Ž

Im so far ahead in my aromatherapy studies that i feel i can finally relax, with that being said i still havent found my book yet.

Im feeling very accomplished today ive made our lunches for work tomorrow, dinner is cooked, washing machine is on and our uniforms are all ironed. The house is cleaned and tidy, grocery shopping is done. Now i just have to concentrate on making my face cream and tidy the bedroom but asif is sleeping in today as he never gets a chance to sleep late as his working day begins at 4am and finishes at 6pm thats 14 hours a day..

It works out well cause i get to do my studying and blog while he is snoozing then we have the whole evening together.

This morning my studying was cbd oil and aromatherapy for pets. I will fill u all in later on that.

I also started my clothes i have 3 black bags full of clothes ready for the charity shop.

I fell ive enough done and its only 2pm, asif is up he has his friends over so i made them a few snacks and im going to go to bed and relax for an hour or so.

There is a weather warning out today so its definitely a day for bed

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