When panic sets in

Last night i was doing my nail, a bit of a manicure when it hit me ” how the hell am i going to manage everything”

I have 2 jobs, studying aromatheraphy, doing a masters, trying to take care of a home, spend time with Asif, my family and friends and mind my fur baby.

Is it even humanly possibly? Im not sure energy wise ill b exhausted, time wise ill be under fierce pressure not to mention where ill find the time to study 🙅‍♀️.

Im thinking if i start today getting organised then if i do get excepted ill be at least organised some what.

I have so many clothes, shoes and accessories, so today im sorting out my clothes trying to pit pieces together for work, college and socializing.

Ill get my make up bag organised and write a list of what i need.

Im going to spend the afternoon studying my Aromatherapy and hoping to get a head of my course work so i can slack a bit when my masters starts.

This evening im going to be making my own face masks, i bought a cuye little face mask set yesterday

Ill also make some anti wrinkle cream to get my skin in better condition, using my essential .

I treated myself to a few new lipsticks yesterday and a beautiful coat from river island and a dress from New look.

I better get started organising myself.



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