My week in review

Few pics from the road of our journey off to buy new stock for the shop, that day we bought so many lovely things the car was full on the way home.

My nephew at a gaming convention, he is a fortnite fanatic and a youtube fan, he is my one and only nephew i call him Milks since the day he was born.

Asif and me having a take away pizza on our way home from work, we stopped by the river to enjoy our dinner with a view.

Joey and i went for a cheeky chinese to catch up, he is my oldest brother and the nicest person i know. We try to go for lunch once a week to catch up

When im studying late i eat some snacks to keep me going, so crackers with loads of butter on them, crisps and chocolate keep me going.

My favourite place in the whole world is my bedroom, its so comfy and pretty in pink, unfortunately it feels like i never get to sleep so much in my bed

We always try to have delicious home cooked meals sit at the table and enjoy each others company, as we both work 2 jobs we are always exhausted so this time is important to catch up with some quality time together

Pancake tuesday is a massive day in Ireland, where we all make and eat pancakes. Its the day before lent, lent is the month before easter where we are meant to give up something we love like alcohol, smoking, sweets etc.

The spiritual gathering i attended the other night it was a night of meditation, chatting, networking and tea

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