International womens day

Today is international womens day 🤗 im lucky because im surrounded by beautiful strong women and i always was, my mother who raised 4 kids whilst putting herself through uni, who is now my business partner,confidante and best friend, my grandmother mc kinney was a business woman, and raised a rake of kids in hard times, my great grandmother Thorpe she was a tobacanist and a very strong lady i heard she was a force to be reckoned with. My grandmother whelan she was a lady through and through she raised all her children with barely any money she did everything she could for money, she used to wash and dress neighbours who died and do der make up, she was the local haurdresser and she also helped deliver the neighbours babies. She was kind, generous, funny, loving to this very day we still all talk about her and miss her very much

My sister is a single mother who works, she is an amazing woman, she is strong because she has to be but sge is the best mother her son could ask for, my sister in law rachel is studying fashion design and she is a talented designer she owns her own jewellery company and is very inspiring. My future sister inlaw sharleen is a go getter, she works incredibly hard, she has a job with the hse which is a civil servant job, she is kind, caring, funny, full of energy and has an amazing career she loves and worked very hard to achieve.

All my friends are amazing strong girls, who are high achievers, amazing, funny, talented girls.

Im lucky to be surrounded by beautiful strong women, who support me and encourage me

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