Interview day

I had my interview today and it was an amazing experience, and it leaves me 1 step closer to fulfilling my childhood dream. I was nervous as hell going today ,i never know what to say. Im useless at building myself up.

The more i heard about the course the more i wanted to do it. My heart will be broken if i dont get a place,

I dressed for success today black leather boots, knee length black dress and a long rainbow colured coat, with gold shades.

There was an information session before the interviews and the more i learned the more excited i got about the future, trinity could open a lot of doors for me and my business not to mention the tools to take my own aromatherapy business off the ground.

I should find out in the next couple of weeks if i got accepted 🤞 i will keep you posted.

Until then im going to concentrate on my aromatherapy sit my exams pass the level 2.

No matter what happens qualifying to be an aromatherapist is still a priority, keeping my business running smoothly.

I still havent found my aromatherapy book but to be fair i didnt even look for it today .

Im off to my spiritual gathering its a meeting with a group of healers, aromatherapists etc. We all meet up and discuss life and issues we encounter and how to look after ourselves. Ill fill you all in on it tomorrow xx

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  1. Jayden James says:

    The very best of luck fingers and toes crossed for you

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