Letter of motivation

I finally finished my letter of motivation, i feel stressed because this letter is what will get me into a masters program in the best college in ireland.

As the saying goes “if its meant for you it won’t pass you” but that saying isnt really putting me at ease, ive done the hard work, the prayers and now im keeping my fingers and toes crossed ๐Ÿคž

I lost my aromatherapy college book, im so friggin mad at myself, i only have 2 books for college and i go and loose 1. My exams are next week so i really need it. I cant wait to finish level 2 and start level 3.

Im going to have to use some of my essentials to relax me and ill use a bit of lavender oil to help me sleep better tonight.

Ive an interview on thursday with the college ive my clothes ready and just hoping i look the part “business woman of the year” lol

Im working tomorrow night in tralee so ive everything packed and ready to go.

Im going to study for a while before i sleep but first we will have some delicious pancakes in honour of pancake tuesday.

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  1. Mel obrien says:

    Hope u find ur book a prayer to st. Anthony always helps

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    1. Thanks hun ill definitely say a few to him tonight


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