Feels like christmas 🎅🤶

Today we went out to pick up stock it was breathtakingly beautiful seeing the snow on the mountains. We got in some fabulous stuff. Every time we get in a delivery it feels like Christmas morning, i get a buzz out of looking at each item we got in. I suppose i get an adrenalin rush wheeling and dealing. The excitement of seeing my investment.

We were really quite in the shop, i expected that for the simple reason the weather was horrible, but i kept busy pricing and displaying all our new items, i had my regular customers pop in for a chat and gossip. The day flew in.

Just in the door from work cooking dinner for asif and my self, making sandwiches for our lunches tomorrow.

I play with our fur baby for 30mins while the dinner is cooking , azarhia eats her dinner with a bowl of hot milk.

After dinner i spend hours trying to finish a letter of motivation for college, its so hard to write something, when ur future depends on it. 300 words just doesnt seem enough.

Im in bed now watching “without a trace” i love it.

Sleep well you all 😚😚

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