The man of my dreams

Did i ever tell you i married the most amazing man in the world. He is kind, caring, lovable, generous,sweet, hard working.

He works two jobs about 14 hours a day, and he does that so he can support his family back home, he pays our mortgage, all the bills, buys the groceries and never complains.

He supports all my dreams and lord knows i have a lot of them, he never puts me down or treats me bad.

He is an amazing cook and great at ironing clothes, im always thankful to his mother for that.

Asif makes me feel safe, loved, wanted and cherished. He is so funny and great fun to be around, he is a man with so many great qualities, he always appreciates me.

I love him more than life it self he really is my soul mate, my best friend and my husband.

I know im one of the luckiest girls in the world to have such a strong handsome man in my life.

He has so many qualities that my father has, asif is so kind to all my family and treats my parents like they are his own.

No matter how much you love your other half no marriage is easy, without arguments, no marriage is perfect.

Asif and I dont argue often but when we do its usually down to tiredness, but even when we argue we never get nasty and it ends quite quickly.

I learnt the key to a successful marriage is compromise, support each other no matter what, never go to bed angry.

Successful marriage isnt about expensive jewellery, fancy hotels, fresh flowers, dinners out. Its about having quiet nights in snuggled on the couch, making a cup of tea for him, bowl of soup when your not feeling well, or making him a hot water bottle these are tge things that matter the most when your feeling sick or down.

I knew my husband was definitely the one when i was in bed with the flu, we werent together that long when he rang me to see how i was, i was so sick i told him i couldnt get the medicine bottle opened ( god damn child locks) he called a taxi and came straight to my house opened the medicine gave it to me and tucked me into bed, he petted my head for a while that whole time the taxi was waiting outside for him.

That act of kindness was worth more to me than diamonds or gold and its small kind acts like that, that lead to a successful marriage

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