Poster child for the career woman who neglects her family

We put our selves under so much pressure trying to be everything to everyone. Trying to be the perfect daughter, perfect wife, perfect aunt,perfect neighbour, perfect friend, perfect business women, perfect student now thats alot of perfects.

Its not humanly possible to be perfect, let alone perfect in everything.

I try to keep my home clean but its not always possible, i struggle with remembering to put the bins out.

I get so tired after a long day at work i dont always cook so when im grabbing a take away for our dinner i feel a pang of guilt for not being that stepford wife who gives my husband homecooked meals every night.

Sometimes im too exhausted to make our lunches for work that i buy ready made sandwiches from the deli.

Im too busy to watch my nephew swim in competitions, too busy to see him sing in the choir, yet he still considers me as the greatest aunt, if only we could see the world through a childs eye.

I know im a great business woman and really good at my job, i know my husband adores me, and my parents are so proud of me.

But when acquaintances or strangers look at my life they judge me for buying sandwiches for my husbands lunch, buying cakes for matthews bake sale, for forgetting to buy cat food and running to the 7- 11 to get some. I know they say look at her not even able to cook her husband dinner.

I may look the part of a girl who has it all together but sometimes i just dont.

As a career woman im saying sometimes my house isnt clean, sometimes i grab take aways cause im too tired to cook, i forget to buy cat food, i wear odd socks, sometimes my hair isnt clean.

I work hard and i try to find that perfect work life balance, but i dont think der is one, but what i do know is that once i try my best, spend quality time with my husband, go for a drink with my dad and brothers, love my nephew unconditionally.

Once i try my best then thats all the matters

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