Fake Vs real

A girl i know just got her lips done, she was a natural beauty most girls would kill for her looks, i met her yesterday for coffee and i was shocked her looka had gone over night.

She told me she got her lips done a couple of weeks ago omg she went from beautiful to daffy ducks twin sister, i tried not to stare but i couldnt help it.

Im not against cosmetic surgery or enhancements i know this is the way of todays world.

Im a lover of fake tan, eyelash extensions, gel nails and tooth gems.

When im tanned with my eyelashes stuck on, my nails done and gems on my teeth i feel amazing.

I took yesterday off as id worked as ive worked 45 hours between sunday to wednesday.

I had a lovely sleep in, and spent the whole afternoon beautifying myself, i put a face mask on, done a manicure and pedicure, i treated my hair, using olive oil, i washed it out then put conditioner in for a half an hour before shampooing it out.

I then done my false lashes, this is one of the hardest things for me to do. I have to cut the lashes in half before applying them. Its easier for me.

I wanted to do my tan but i got hit by a wave of exhaustion so I used a wash off tan today.

I whitened my teeth using my own natural whitening products.

I would love to get BOTOX done and i definitely need it, but the fear of it going wrong has put me off. So for the moment im using my own home made anti wrinkle cream.

I notice how many of my friends use filters for facebook and instagram, they look recognisable and i believe it gives them a false sense of identity and what they look like.

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