Too tired too function

Ive hit a brick wall working way too much, i was off today…spent most of the day trying to make myself look less exhausted, with face masks, creams, oils in my hair crazy stuff like that.

I tidied the house, washed clothes, caught up on study, i needed to write a letter of motivation for college ive been struggling with it but i made a start.

I snoozed for an hour but when i woke up i felt even worse, im totally zapped the thought of getting up killed me. I feel like i dont even have the energy to stand.

I dragged myself up, cooked dinner for asif and myself. Fed azarhia and let her in to play in the kitchen while i cooked.

When asif came home he looked exhausted he worked 13 hours straight everyday this week. We ate dinner together and after i made tea and we had chocolate eclairs. Then i made our sandwiches for work tomorro egg salad sambos, when i sat down again i just cried,actual tears falling down my face. I know its from pure exhaustion, i know i push myself too much and i end up like this.

I love my jobs, love college,love my husband, love my fur baby, love my home. We have a peaceful home in the evenings our house is lit up by candles and string lights, its warm, cosy and relaxing.

My bedroom is pink and pretty with candles on our bedside lockers, i have my furbies on my locker and we have an electric fire in our room and string lights over the bed.

So the bedroom is where im going to spend the evening and maybe tomorro too.

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