A day in my life

I got home from work at 3.3o am this morning and my alarm went off at 8am, i couldnt take the chance of hitting snooze incase i fell into a deep sleep and didnt get back up.

Today i had so much to do in the shop, i had to redisplay the handbags, dress the window with all our new stock. Then i had to redisplay all the hats and fascinators, dress the mannequins in wedding dresses and put out all the clutches, monday is my day to dust the wholeshop, and hoover every nook and cranny, we also got in a delivery of teddy bears, so i had to price them and put them all out.

About 4pm i got hit by a wave of exhaustion,i could barely stand the last hour dragged.

The good news is i remembered to buy cat food, i got Azarhia tinned cat food, dry food, tuna and milk, she is my fur baby and i love the bones off her.

When i got home from work i fed azarhia, played with her in the garden.

Then i Cooked chicken and potato curry, with naan bread and a side dish of potato wedges, mashed potato, onions and onion bajhis followed by chocolate eclairs and a mug of tea for myself and my husband


I studied for a while and Asif done the dishes and set the table.

I made our lunches for work tomorro and packed my bag for work tomorro night.

I now in bed writing my blog whilst watching Vera i love watching murder mystery series .

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