Living my dream

When i was a child i used to play shop with my brother and sister, we would spend hours in the kitchen playing with all the vegetables, setting up little shops and selling to each other.

Looking back on those days i filled with such happiness, they are my fondest memories.

For as long as i can remember i always wanted to be a shop owner, i used to put o my fathers shirts, grab his brief case and pretend i was a sucessful business women.

So i know how lucky i am to have my dream turned into a reality. Everyday i get to dress up as a business woman and play shop.

I get to buy stock, design my window display and serve customers all day long. Not a day goes by when i dont thank god for everything i have.

Obviously as i got older my dreams changed slightly or should i say that my list of dreams just got longer, first i wanted a market stall and i got to do that for 2 years, i loved every second of it and i still look back on those times, the friendships i made, the banter we had and i loved every second of it, i only stopped when i opened my shop but to this day i miss the market days.

Then i wanted to be a stylist so i studied hard and got qualified, i had the opportunity to work as a personal shopper and stylist at vintage fairs and i loved every minute of it. Bare in mind i done that while still running my own business.

I wanted to bring out my own line of skincare which is why im studying to be an aromatherapist, there is so much to learn, but the excitement of my range keeps me going.

I wanted to travel ireland so i got a job as an auditor that enables me to see the beauty of ireland and still get paid.


gain i do all that whilst still running my own business.

I wanted to be able to cook divine food and scrumptious desserts, which is why i studied culinary arts, i loved it and it also showed me skills i never knew i had. Now my dream is to have my very own candy cart business, as you all know ive bought so many supplies for it, im just working on a name for it, business cards and buying the actual cart.


ince im only 36 i still have dreams not even close to being fulfilled.

I want to go to trinity college thats like the harvard or yale of ireland . When i retire i went to set up a hot dog business and go down the markets and sell them. I would also love to design clothes even if its just for me.

I was a little girl who dreamed big now im a woman fulfilling those dreams.

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