Guilt of a career woman

Ive been working so hard recently and i havent been home for days. I went on a date night last night.

Asif and me went for a cheeky chinese, it was delicious and we enjoyed every bite.

The best part was just sitting together and talking. We sat for an hour chit chatting about our week.

Asif looked exhausted he had bags under his eyes and just looked unwell. When i seen him sitting in the restaurant i was hit with a pang of guilt.

Guilt for not knowing my husband was sick, guilt for not being home for a few days, most of all i was feeling guilty for being so tired .

After dinner i took him to the doctor, he gave him steroids to help his chest and told him to get as much rest as possible.

We didnt get home until 9pm, then i had to wash and dry my uniform, i forgot to buy cat food. So i had to cook fish for her dinner and warm milk. I always have to remind myself that im doing the very best i can and im only human after all.

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  1. Jayden James says:

    Ur some woman for one woman


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