Failure is not an option

Today i worked 14 hours straight between 2 jobs, im on my way home now absolutely exhausted. The only thing that keeps me going is dreaming of the future.

As i said in my last blog i want to go to law school im so excited even though they wont be accepting applications for another 2 years.

Im planning of finishing my aromatherapy course and bringing out my own skin care range. Im reallt looking forward to passing level 2 and ive been studying hard. I cant wait to get my level 4 qualification.

My plan is to introduce my candy cart business to the world (my world) lol along with attending events to sell my range.

Ive been looking at educating myself part time in legal studies to get my foot in the door. But id be under a lot of pressure as id have to come out top of the class and leave with references from my lecturers..

Im going to have a tough few years ahead of me, but it will b worth it in the end when i get to cross another dream off my list 😊

For me failure isnt an option in anything i do. I invested every single thing i have into my shop and its true what they say ” you reap what you sow ” because ive got it back ten fold.

Failing my aromatheraphy isnt an option because of the time ive put in studying and researching everything, obviously the money i spent on the course and books.

I work my second job to pay for all my dreams and ive invested alot of money in buying supplies for my candy cart business, cheese fondue sets, doughnut walls, lolipop stands, signs, sweet jars and everything else. Failing in that business is not an option.

So never let anyone telk you that your too old to fulfil ur dreams, cause im not a young one anymore but i dont let age determine my life, i dont let a job interfere with my dreams. So dont let excuses stand in ur way.

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