When you want it ALL

Im one of those people who wants it all i didnt just want to open a store, i want to be an aromatherapist, have a party business, i want to be an author, a blogger and a vlogger, i want my own range of beauty products, a line of tans and tooth whitening products.

I just want it all

I succeeded in setting up my dream store, I’m half way through becoming an aromatherapist, my candy cart business will b up and running very soon

I work very hard and sacrifice alot to turn my dreams into a reality, on a daily basis i put up with people’s negative comments “telling me ill never achieve anything”, then on the other side people begin to hate you, they become jealous, they only see what you have, they dont see me being exhausted, never see me crying from frustration, they dont see the weekends staying in studying.

What they see is the happiness i exude from doing what i love for a living, they see my take away meals, my beautiful home, they see the finished product but not the hours i put in to achieve it.

I find in life people always want what someone else has but they never want to put in the hard work to get that result, maybe its easier for them to hate.

My new saying is let the haters hate.

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