Sorry ive been gone for so long

Sorry i have written for a while my life haa been crazy with work,college and life.

So much has happened since i last blogged. I passed my level 1 in aromatherapy, im so proud of myself it wasnt easy but all my studying paid off.

Ive started level 2 and its harder than level 1 i feel like im studying to be a doctor, ive more exams in the next couple weeks.

The shop has been crazy busy which is amazing, i love the energy in the shop and im so excited to introduce aromatherapy into the business.

Ive massive goals for 2019 but ill put tgem in another post.

My husband Asif has been great, he is working around the clock too, he passed his security licence and is now a fully qualified security guard im so proud.

I havent had a chance to read any books yet, but i got a stack of them for christmas so um looking forward to it.

This weekend were away, ive never stayed in a hostel before but im loving it, were in dublin eating out doing all the tourist things

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  1. Jayden James says:

    So glad ur back

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  2. Mel obrien says:

    Enjoy ur trip and welcome back

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