Dragons blood

Magical Attributes
Dragon’s Blood is very potent and powerful.  Sprinkling the powder around your home and property creates a protection barrier.  Burning Dragon’s Blood will drive away negativity and evil.  Dragon’s Blood will increase the potency of any spell and any incense it is added to.  A little goes a long way with this resin so remember, less is more.

Dragon’s Blood is a powerful protection herb and can drive away negative energies, but it can also be used to attract something to you. If you’re short on money, love, or success, use Dragon’s Blood to help attract it to you.  If money is what you’re after, place a money drawing stone (Epidote) in a pouch with a piece of Dragon’s Blood.  Carry it with you when you’re headed to a job interview or, if you own a business, place it in the cash register.
If finding love is on your mind, carry a love drawing stone (rose quartz is the universal love stone) in a pouch with a piece of Dragon’s Blood.  Carry it with you when you’re on the prowl at the club, going on a date, or trying to spark someone’s’ interest.

Healing Attributes
It has been used medicinally to wash wounds, promote healing and stop bleeding.  Natives of Socotra (where the Dragon Blood tree is located) use it as a cure all.  They use it to lower fevers, relieve diarrhea, wound cleaning/healing, fight ulcers and as an antiviral for stomach and respiratory problems.  As with anything, do your research before consuming herbs or using them medicinally.  Make sure you know what you’re doing and if you’re unsure, consult someone that’s in the know.  Also, make sure you are purchasing real Dragon’s Blood when shopping for this resin.  There are a few trees that produce a similar resin and some people sell it as genuine Dragon’s Blood.  It is not and won’t have the same magickal or healing properties as actual Dragon’s Blood.


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