For as long as i can remember my dad has been sick in and out of hospital for years with his heart, ive lost count of the amount of times we mentally planned our fathers funeral, as a child i remember kissing him goodbye nit knowing if id ever see him again.

All the men in his family died quite young due to heart complications so we always knew our dad wasnt going to be around forever.

In a way it made us appreciate him more, love him more and hug him alot.

Thanks to modern medicine my dad has been to my college graduation, walked me down the ailse, seen me open my business he has also had the joy of becoming a grandfather seen all his kids grow up .

Even though he was always unwell he still had his own business, had three shops, was the best business man id ever seen, and we are all proud of him.

Because of dads health we learned to celebrate each day we had together and to this day we are all so close.

I know im lucky for everything i have especially for the parents i have.

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  1. lorraine o donoghue says:

    Always celebrate life


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