Simply exhausted

Today was a crazy day i had to drag myself out of bed, as usual ì didnt have time for breakfast. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but an extra 5 mins in bed means more to me.

We were crazy busy in work, mondays i work on my own so today i had to skip lunch i did manage to scoff a handful of tortilla chips. I spent the day moving stock and unpack deliveries.

After work i did a quick grocery shop and went home and made spicy chicken curry sauce with boiled rice, then i put on a wash hoping the clothes dry overnight 🤞and then make egg salad sandwiches for asif lunch tomorro because he is working 18 hours straight tomorrow, ive to pack my bags as ive a two day work trip coming up.

Ive been exhausted the last few days, to try to boost my energy i spent a while playing with my cat Azarhia.

She is absolutely spoilt i made her mash potatoes, gravy and chicken for dinner and she loves it, she normally has tuna for breakfast and catfood for lunch.

Im in bed now watching dance moms i just love that series.

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