Catching up

I havent posted in a while as usual im crazy busy and exhausted. Ive been so busy in work, we got all of our christmas stock in and im loving going through all the boxes, as for my other job ive only been working one day a week, as for college i havent had a chance to study so i feel im falling behind. I was off yesterday and i swore id study and catch up. I got up at 11am done the laundry, cleaned the house and lay down for an hour anf didnt wake up till 7pm, we had dinner and i went for a long walk with asif, when i got back i showered, done my hair and tan and crashed for the night.

I know i slept so much because im exhausted.

In my last post i promised to keep you updated on the effects of essential oils Vs Pharmaceuticals

As we all know essentials oils are natural products that are derived from plants, seeds, bark, stems and roots. I’m going to look at the effects and consequences of essential oils compared to Pharmaceuticals.

  1. Restores natural function
  2. No adverse interactions
  3. Antiviral
  4. Cleanses receptor sites
  5. Emotional balancing
  6. Builds the immune system
  7. Side effects beneficial

The effects of pharmaceuticals are litterally the complete opposite

  1. Inhibits natural function
  2. Many adverse interactions
  3. Usually not anti viral
  4. Blocks receptor sites
  5. Emotionally unbalanced
  6. Depresses the immune system
  7. Side effects harmful

I would never dream of suggesting that anyone come of der medication without your doctors consent as this can be quite harmful to you, I would always say listen to your own doctor as he/she would know alot more about it than me

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